Do you wish you had whiter teeth? A bright smile will give you a beautiful look and help you improve your self-confidence. Teeth whitening procedures are popular nowadays. The newest and the fastest dental procedure is conducted by a dentist from their office using laser light, Zoom whitening. The process only takes an hour, and you receive safe, faster, and effective results. Zoom whitening combines the latest advances in dental technology with approved chemical formulas. Before conducting the procedure, the dental expert will schedule a professional cleaning to ensure you don’t have any dental issues like cavities or crowns.

At Washington Dental, the dental experts are ready to help you achieve whiter teeth through the Zoom whitening procedure. Also, the dental expert will make the process an easy, relaxed exercise, and you may even listen to music while the dentist performs the procedure. Therefore, if you seek zoom whitening services in Lomita, CA, call our dental experts, schedule an appointment and start your journey towards a beautiful smile.

What is Zoom Whitening?

Zoom teeth whitening is an in-office whitening procedure that’s simple and safe; it uses an effective method to keep your teeth brighter. The procedure is essential for patients suffering from severe yellowing and staining. Instead of depending on at-home treatments, zoom whitening involves effective solutions ordered by dental experts you trust. The zoom! The system is a fast-acting process provided by experts trained on teeth whitening. The procedure works by lightning discoloration affecting your teeth, dentin, and enamel.

The procedure greatly relies on the whitening products in a solution containing hydrogen peroxide applied to your teeth. The dentist uses a UV lamp to accelerate the process. The results from the zoom whitening are yielded instantly, and as the patient, you will notice even before going back home.

Is zoom whitening good for you?

Zoom system is usually a popular process used to lighten the discoloration in your dentin and enamel. Your tooth discoloration may occur due to drinks like cola, tea, coffee, or even smoking. The Zoom procedure uses advanced power chairside lamps to accelerate the bleaching process. It activates 25% hydrogen peroxide whitening. While the hydrogen peroxide breaks down, oxygen will enter your dentin and enamel to bleach the stained particles, thus leaving your tooth’s structure unchanged.

The Zoom Whitening Procedure

Are you seeking to discolor your teeth? It’s more likely you have heard of the Zoom whitening process. Most dentists recommend the process as it assures excellent results with a brighter smile. Before undergoing the procedure, you want to know how to prepare and expect throughout the procedure. The main steps involved during the zoom whitening are:

  • Schedule an Appointment with Your Dentist

A zoom whitening procedure is recommended, and the dentists carry it out from a dental clinic. So, if you have been disappointed by teeth discoloration and don’t have confidence when smiling, you want to visit your cosmetic dentist. The process will take around one hour. However, if the dentist will examine you, then you may end up spending around 90 minutes.

But you should expect the general appointment, including examination, to take around 90 minutes. Before the dentist performs the zoom procedure, you will fill out paperwork about the process. If the dentists have never provided their services to you, they may require you to fill in new patient paperwork, which may take additional minutes.

The dental experts will conduct an exam to ensure your gums and teeth are healthy to receive whitening. The dentist will examine you and inform whether you are the right candidate for the procedure. The quick exam will ensure the expert checks whether you have dental restorations like crowns and bridges. Although most people qualify for teeth whitening, the dentist may be determined to know the dental history of your gum disease or teeth sensitivity.

The dental experts may also conduct a professional cleaning if you haven’t had one soon. Note the dentist may even require you to undergo a complete dental cleaning before being whitened. After cleaning the teeth and making everything in order, the dentist will consider your tooth shade so they will be able to track your progress after the whitening sessions.

  • Whitening Your Teeth

The dental expert will cover your lips and gums to keep them away from the whitening gel. After preparing your mouth, the dentist will apply the whitening gel onto your teeth then activate them with a LED lamp. The whitening gel has hydrogen peroxide, which dissolves onto your teeth under the LED light to fit the stains.

The procedure should take around forty-five minutes, but it's broken into three sessions (15 minutes each). After undergoing every session, the dentist adds more whitening gel on your teeth before turning on the LED light. During the procedure, you may relax or even listen to music. It will ensure you pass the time. After the dental expert is through with the third session, they will add a special fluoride gel to minimize your teeth sensitivity.

  • Experiencing Zingers

Several patients will experience zingers during the zoom whitening procedure. What are zingers? They are brief flashes of pain that occur when your teeth' nerves react with the whitening gel. The zingers may even continue after you leave your office. Most dentists will provide you with pain relievers.

Remember, if you experience much pain during the zoom whitening procedure, don’t hesitate to alert your dental expert. You have the right to stop the dental process any time you feel much pain. Every person has a different pain tolerance level, and that’s why zoom whitening isn’t recommended for patients with sensitive teeth.

After completing the treatment procedure, the dentist will ensure you rinse the mouth thoroughly. You may take a mirror and check on your mirror whether you admire the new smile. Although different patients will obtain different results, most will see at least three shades from their initial color, which’s noticeable. Although the process might seem easy, you want to ensure you consider an experienced dentist to avoid complications in the future.

  • Maintain Your Whiter Teeth While at Your Home

After the general dental procedure, the dentist will provide you with a kit containing whitening trays. The whitening tooth tray is prepared for use while you are at your home. The whitening tray will ensure you keep a whiter smile. For the rest of the day after the dental procedure, you may experience brief flashes of pain in your teeth. You may maintain the pain with over-counter medication. Although the teeth whitening is not permanent, you want to take good care of yourself for a brighter smile. Ensure you brush your teeth regularly.

What to Avoid After Undergoing Zoom Whitening Procedure?

To maintain white teeth, you have to avoid certain beverages, products, and foods that may stain your teeth days after receiving the treatment. Failure to follow your dentist’s instructions may affect the results of the process. Therefore, if you want to keep a brighter smile, follow the following guidelines after undergoing the zoom whitening procedure.

Avoid Taking Colored Beverages

After going through the zoom whitening procedure, your dentist may recommend you stay away from beverages that may cause re-stain on your teeth. So, avoid the following drinks:

  • Coffee
  • Red wine
  • Tea
  • Fruit juice
  • Beer
  • Sodas

The above drinks are known to stain your teeth due to their artificial color. When you feel unable to avoid taking coffee or wine, you may do so using a straw. The straw will help keep the fluids away from the teeth. Thus you will maintain your brighter smile.

Avoid Tobacco Products

Tobacco products are well known as harmful to our general health. Also, tobacco products are among the fastest means to re-stain your teeth. For example, people who chew or smoke are more likely to re-stain after zoom whitening than people who don’t use tobacco products. So, most dentists recommend you quit smoking to maintain your teeth pearl white.

Avoid Eating Foods Which Stain

Apart from avoiding certain beverages, you also want to avoid certain foods as well. Foods that are greasy colored or acidic damage your teeth' enamel as well as causing stains. The following are the common foods you will avoid after undergoing a zoom whitening procedure:

  • Red meat
  • Colorful spices (turmeric, paprika, curry)
  • Dark-colored sauce
  • Berries like blackberry, blueberry, and raspberries
  • Acidic fruits like lime, kiwis, mangoes, lemon, plums, oranges
  • Colorful vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, and spinach
  • Dark chocolate and milk

Avoid Using Colored Dental Hygiene Products

After zoom whitening, you will avoid colored dental products for several days. The products may include mouthwash and toothpaste. Orange, purple, red, and blue colors may re-stain faster than light or white products. Sometimes you may discover your teeth are sensitive after the zoom whitening procedure. At this time, you want to use mouthwash or toothpaste specifically prepared for sharp teeth. Discuss with your dental expert the best available options for your case.

What to Drink and Eat After the Zoom Whitening Procedure?

Although your dental expert will guide you to avoid several foods and drinks, you can consume various beverages and foods and maintain your pearl white teeth. Your dentist will recommend you try the white diet for at least ten days after the whitening procedure. The following are the recommended foods and drinks you may consume:

  • Chicken
  • Oatmeal
  • Tofu
  • Potatoes
  • Egg whites
  • Uncolored pasta
  • White rice
  • Plain yogurt
  • Pears
  • Cashews
  • Pears
  • Chickpeas
  • Cheese
  • Bananas
  • White whine
  • Milk
  • Clear alcohol
  • Coconut water
  • Coconut milk

The Costs of Zoom Whitening

Like any other dental procedure, the costs of zoom whitening vary depending on various factors. The lowest prices are around $300, the most expensive is approximately $1,000, and the average costs are $500. If you want to undergo the procedure, first talk with your dentist. If your dentist doesn’t provide the process, they may ask their colleague to do so. The costs may vary depending on how the tooth is stained and the type of stain on your teeth.

Sometimes, the dentist may include the costs of services they will provide before the actual dental procedure. Remember, most insurance policies do not cover cosmetic procedures. This is because the procedure is aimed at improving your outlook, and they are not medically necessary. So, the patient will pay the total amount.

How Long Will Zoom Whitening Last?

It's challenging to determine how long the whitening will last since the results will vary depending on several factors. For example, if you undergo the procedure and never brush your teeth while taking coffee and other staining drinks, the whitening may end as soon as within a month. Alternatively, your teeth will remain brighter for up to six months if you maintain good oral hygiene. You may increase the results if you cut off various foods like red wine, sodas, and coffee.

Therefore, using a whitening toothbrush and avoiding certain foods and drinks, you are more likely to keep whiter teeth for a long time. But, several patients choose the procedure on an annual basis. By doing so, they can maintain brighter teeth as they enjoy their coffee.

The Benefits of Zoom Whitening

Zoom whitening is beneficial, especially for patients looking for instant results. Although at-home treatments work, they don’t provide long-lasting effects like the zoom. Apart from being effective, the use of professional zoom comes with numerous benefits. The method is one of the popular tooth whitening procedures nowadays. The expected benefits of teeth whitening are:

  • Easy and Quick Treatment

The zoom whitening works by applying whitening gel that’s then activated by light directed to your teeth for only 20 minutes. The general zoom whitening procedure will only require three applications. Therefore, the dentist will take at least an hour for the whole process. So, it’s a great advantage considering that the home whitening system takes several weeks before the results are achieved. Also, since your dental expert oversees the procedure, you will sit back and let the zoom system work.

  • Painless and Safe Procedure

Among all dental procedures, dental experts consider zoom whitening the safest dental procedure. Apart from being effective, the procedure ensures safety on your teeth, soft tissues, and gum. The dental experts also take exams to ensure you are the right candidate for the procedure. Again, special protections are applied. For example, special protections will be placed on your lips, cheek, and gum during the dental procedure. The patients experience little or no discomforts, and the few patients who report minor itchy disappear immediately after the zoom whitening process.

  • Receive Long Lasting Whitening

The Zoom procedure uses a specialized chemical formula that penetrates your teeth deeper than other whitening solutions. This makes your teeth remain brighter and whiter for a long time after the initial procedure. You want to compare zoom whitening! Schedule a dental appointment today at Washington dental. But, remember the long-lasting results will only remain if you follow your dentist's instructions and avoid certain drinks and foods.

  • Receive Maintainable and Dramatic Results

The zoom whitening procedure will yield amazing results giving you brighter teeth after only an hour session. The dentists will also provide you with at-home trays to ensure you continue with the treatment when re-staining appears. If you are not comfortable with the first appointment, you may also schedule another appointment with your dental expert. After the dental procedure, your dentist will also monitor your progress once you visit their office.

  • Perfect for Your Sensitive Teeth

Most people think just because they have sensitive teeth, they can’t obtain teeth whitening. The varnish and gel applied when receiving a zoom whitening procedure don’t irritate your gums and teeth. Although several patients will experience temporal pain, most are willing to experience the temporary pain to achieve brighter teeth. Note, people, tolerance to pain varies. So, don’t expect to experience similar pain after the zoom whitening procedure.

  • Stronger and Better Whitening

A professional cleaning will provide better cleaning than a regular toothbrush and toothpaste. But, zoom whitening will give better results with whiter teeth. The whitening solution contains hydrogen peroxide and will help achieve whiter teeth than at-home treatments.

The Possible Side Effects Associated with Zoom Whitening

Most patients using the zoom whitening procedure have experienced fewer side effects and are more comfortable with the results. But, a few patient experience the following side effects after undergoing zoom whitening procedure:

Tooth Sensitivity

You may notice sensitivity in your teeth and end after a short period from the initial procedure. The sensitivity occurs due to exposure of the dentin layer during the whitening procedure. Ensure you inform your dentist if you have teeth sensitivity before the procedure. The dentist will provide the best whitening option available for your case. The dental expert may guide you on the whitening products to help you alleviate the level of sensitivity during the teeth whitening procedure.

Undesired Results

The results you obtain from the zoom whitening may not be what you hoped for, depending on the real shade of your teeth. Again, if you have internal teeth discoloration or heavy staining, you may not notice the changes quickly after the zoom whitening process. Alternatively, when you whiten your teeth so much, your teeth may appear translucent or ray instead of the white smile everyone desires. Lastly, when you have crowns, fillings, veneers, or caps, the Zoom whitening may not work at all.

Soft Tissue Irritation

Soft tissue irritation occurs when the whitening gel is open to your gum tissue during the zoom whitening procedure. Once the irritation occurs, your gum may appear white after the solution comes into contact with the gum.

The tissue should return to normal shortly after exposure to the whitening solution. But tissue irritation may increase when you are exposed to high concentrations of Carbamide peroxide or Hydrogen peroxide. Also, prolonged exposure to the whitening gel on your gum may attract redness or inflammation on the gum.

Can a Patient Apply Zoom Whitening on Crowns and Cavities?

No, a Zoom whitening procedure cannot be used on any foreign material. The zoom is designed to whiten only your tooth enamel. Most dental experts recommend you have the zoom whitening procedure before filling your cavity. Also, the same applies to crowns. It's recommended you discuss with your dental expert if you have a cavity you want to be filled or a crown.

Is the Zoom Whitening Procedure Painful?

The pain depends on a person's pain tolerance. Generally, the procedure is considered a mild sensation, with several patients reporting teeth sensitivity. You may lessen the tooth sensitivity using the dentist’s instructions or using Sensodyne toothpaste.

Does Zoom Whitening Provide Permanent Results?

Don’t expect to receive permanent results since tobacco, drinks, and certain foods will re-stain even when you follow the home procedures. But if you avoid the re-staining foods, you will more likely maintain whiter teeth. Again, brushing your teeth regularly and visiting your dentist for a dental check-up will ensure you keep your teeth whiteness. Remember to observe your diet after taking the zoom whitening procedure.

How is Zoom Whitening Different from Other Traditional Methods?

Dental experts offer zoom whitening for the patients seeking a quick result. Since zoom whitening takes only ninety minutes, it’s considered the fastest whitening procedure. The procedure is the best option for patients seeking whiter teeth for specific events like photo shoots and weddings.

Remember, the impacts of zoom whitening will depend on your teeth’ color; thus, it affects the duration and level of your treatment. Whether your teeth will re-stain, zoom whitening will ensure the impacts are double lighter than before the procedure, an excellent chance for several people.

Other whitening procedures and products like nighttime whitening gel are relatively inexpensive. However, the procedures and products will take a long time before achieving results. Primarily, you may see impacts after around three applications after approximately several weeks.

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If you follow your dentist’s approved methods, zoom whitening will be safe. Before undergoing the zoom whitening, you want to consult your dental expert to determine whether you are the right candidate for the procedure.

At Washington Dental, our team of dental experts is passionate about helping our patients achieve and maintain good oral health and a beautiful smile. We provide quality dental care using our latest equipment and technology. If you want to undergo teeth whitening in Lomita, CA, call us today at 310-326-5183 and speak with our dental experts.