Only a few people are lucky to be born with perfect teeth and smiles. If you have crooked teeth, you could have self-esteem or health issues. Orthodontic treatment could be the solution that brings much difference to you if you need to straighten crooked teeth. When wearing metal braces, you can choose from various types of metal braces. Most patients don’t know what to expect throughout the orthodontist treatment.

If you want to have metal braces fitted and unsure of how the entire treatment process is like, then at Washington Dental, we will help you. In addition, we will help you understand why metal braces might be the best option for your problem. Our dental experts are more than willing to help patients seeking orthodontic treatment in Lomita.

Components of Metal Braces

Since the braces stay in your mouth for a long time, they are made from materials with strong strength and resistance to corrosion. Then the metal braces are prepared of titanium alloys and high-quality stainless steel. The metal braces consist of the following components:

  • Metallic Archwires

The archwires are metal wires which pass through a certainly prepared slot within the brackets. The manufacturers create them out of either titanium alloys, nickel-titanium, or stainless steel. Recently nickel and titanium alloys are more available than stainless steel alloys since they are super-elasticity. Stainless steel alloys consist of 8% nickel and 18% chromium.

The rigidity and thickness of the archwires will determine the pressure created on the teeth. Primarily the cosmetic experts use flexible wires to gradually align the teeth using stainless steel to bring the main orthodontic movement of the teeth.

  • Metallic Brackets

These are brackets attached to your teeth and are visible when you smile or make a speech. The metal brackets are prepared of stainless steel, titanium, gold, and nickel. The manufacturers add chromium to prevent corrosion. Again molybdenum is added to prevent pitting corrosion and crevice. Finally, the experts attach the brackets on the teeth with the help of dental cement polymerized with visible light. The orthodontic braces consist of slots where the archwire passes.

  • Orthodontic Ligatures

The Orthodontic ligatures are also referred to as rubber bands. Again, the ligatures are elastic used to hold the archwire into their places. Remember, the orthodontic ligatures come in several colors enabling the patients to choose the colors at the appointment.

Different Type of Metal Braces

When the orthodontic experts fit the braces, you need to visit your orthodontist for progress observation and adjustment regularly. The exert period for the brace treatment usually depends on the problem your orthodontist is trying to correct and the kind of braces they choose. Primarily, the patient will wear the braces for around two years. After wearing the metal braces, the patient will be required to wear a retainer to avoid their teeth from shifting back to the irregularly original positions. The following different types of metal braces may be the best option for your treatment:

The Traditional or Steel Braces

Traditional braces are the most popular type of metal braces. Again they are affordable to many patients. The devices are made of high-strength stainless gold or steel. They straighten your teeth using metal archwires or brackets. Most patients love the metal braces and usually ask the orthodontic experts to add different metal brace bands to have a colorful smile.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are placed behind your teeth. Therefore, no one will notice whether you are wearing them unless you share the news. The braces are prepared using state-of-the-art technology. Again they’re customized to the shape of your teeth. Our experts from Washington Dental offer two methods of lingual braces, harmony invisible lingual braces and incognito hidden braces.

Removable Clear Braces (Invisalign)

Invisalign uses a series of removable, invisible, and comfortable aligners to straighten your teeth. Our experts at Washington dental offer Invisalign clear, comfortable, and removable braces. So you will eat and drink whatever you wish during the treatment process. Additionally, brushing and flossing will be less of a hassle than traditional braces. The aligners are comfortable and don’t have metal material which may irritate your treatment.

Clear Braces

Primarily, clear braces are prepared of ceramic material. It’s also less visible compared to other braces. The clear ceramic braces are commonly fitted in young and adult patients’ teeth. Although they are less visible, they require much oral care. Note, the braces are more fragile, and when you drink too much coffee or smoke, they may not be your best option as they may discolor.

Wild Smile Braces

The braces are made with much fun due to their different unique shapes. The shapes include star, heart, flower, supper diamonds, soccer ball, and football. The braces are manufactured and crafted in the USA and exact the standards of MBT/Roth prescriptions for anterior maxillary teeth. The dental experts recommend them for full or early phase treatment.

The Process of Having Metal Braces Fitted

If your dental expert has recommended you to have metal braces, you may wonder what to expect throughout the process. After the procedure, you will wear the braces for at least a year. Are you wondering how you will keep the braces in your mouth for that long? First, consider the following steps to know how the dental experts fit the metal braces on your teeth:

Fitting Spacers

The first step involves the orthodontist fitting spacers to your mouth. The spacers are small bands placed on the back teeth. The main function of the bracers is to create a room where the bands will surround your back teeth. Remember, the spacers will force your teeth to move. Thus you will most likely feel soreness as they begin to move.

Preparing the Teeth

Your dental expert will likely ask you to brush and floss your mouth before you visit him/her on the appointment day. If you are unable to do so, they may require you to do so in their office. So, it’s important to ensure your teeth are clean before you visit your orthodontist. After cleaning the teeth, the dental expert will dry them. The drying of the teeth usually goes in sections to ensure a few teeth are dry at a time. After beginning the placement of the metal braces, the orthodontist will take approximately two hours to complete the entire process.

Placing Brackets

After cleaning and drying your teeth, the orthodontist will start placing the brackets. Remember, as mentioned above, brackets are small ceramic or metal devices placed on each tooth to hold the archwire firmly. In the first step of placing the brackets, the orthodontist will place a glue spot on the center of your tooth. He/she will then harden the glue with a blue curing light. Then the orthodontist will place the bracket itself over the glue and harden it.

Placing Bands On The Back Molars

Since your teeth will have brackets fitted, the back molars will have bands to act as an anchor. If the dental experts had placed spacers, they would remove them and replace them with metal bands. First, your expert will consider different sizes of bands to determine the best size which suits your teeth.

After determining the appropriate band size for your teeth, he/she will place glue on the teeth and slide the band on your bands. Next, the orthodontist will use a blue curing light to harden the band on your teeth. When placing the metal bands, several patients may feel mild discomfort or pressure.

Placing Two Archwires

An archwire is a ceramic wire or long metal running from one end of your mouth to the other. The dental expert will place two archwires on your teeth. One archwire will be placed on the upper arch, while the other will be placed on the lower arch. The archwire will be adjusted throughout the treatment to obtain the necessary teeth movement.

Choosing Your Favorite Color

Choosing your best color is the most popular step in the entire process. Under the process, you will choose the color band to be placed on your brackets. Apart from choosing the color, remember the bands are important since they hold the archwires in their right places.

Receiving Education from Your Orthodontist

After placing the metal braces, your dental expert will take a few minutes to discuss with you how to maintain good care on them. They may even provide you with supplies to ensure you keep the braces clean. Again they may likely provide dental wax to ensure you cover the sharp edges. If you have any questions concerning the braces, this is the right time to ask your orthodontist. Remember, a mistake in the future might result in negative impacts, so don’t fear enquiring from your dental experts. Again remember to follow the dentist’s prescription.

Why Go Metal Braces

Regardless of the primary reason for having orthodontist treatment, whether it’s for aesthetics or medical necessity, you may enjoy many results from the process. The obvious reason for having orthodontic treatment is a straighter and more beautiful smile, ensuring you have great confidence. The following are the main reasons you want to go for metal braces:

Achieve a Great Smile

For most people, having straighter teeth is a massive source of pride. After receiving the metal braces, you will no longer hide your teeth when taking a photo or even when you meet someone for the first time. Remember, a beautiful smile will give you confidence when attending formal events like graduations and weddings. Generally, braces are a tremendous confidence source that every person deserves.

Obtain a Constant Care

As mentioned above, the metal braces will remain in your mouth until the treatment exercise is finalized. Then it means your treatment care will never be interrupted. Clear aligners are another popular treatment method, and they are removed when you are having your meals. This is a great advantage to the patients who don’t want restrictions when taking food. Only ensure you don’t lose them once you have removed them. Remember, if you don’t wear them for 22 hours a day, they won’t be effective.

Children and adult patients who don’t worry about maintaining orthodontic care are recommended to use traditional braces. The metal braces will work without going to your orthodontist's office.

Effective for Tough Cases

Specifically, traditional metal braces are the most effective solution for orthodontic problems. They allow the dental expert to correct the alignment of the teeth through planning the treatment of the individual teeth. The effects of the treatment are life-changing and dramatic. The braces are essential in correcting the following problems:

  • Crossbites
  • Underbites
  • Overbites
  • Misalignment
  • Overcrowding
  • Protruding teeth
  • Gaps in between the teeth

Before choosing any treatment, remember to choose the effectiveness of orthodontic care. After all, beautiful and healthy teeth are the whole point of obtaining orthodontic care.

Long-Lasting and Effective

The manufacturers prepare the braces to last throughout the treatment duration. They’re strong and can withstand any wear of brushing or chewing. The common material used to make them include titanium and steel. The braces won't interrupt your daily life at all. To avoid them from breaking, you only need to avoid crunchy snacks, prohibited foods, and hard veggies. The good news is, you will continue with your normal activities like vigorous exercise and sports.

Affordable for Most People

The traditional metal braces are cheap when compared to other options. But, again, the insurance may cover them. Our dental office allows special cards known as Care Credit if your insurance provider doesn't cover them. The cards are primarily prepared for orthodontic purchases but allows the patient to finance their treatment with no interest, money down, or annual fees. Our dental experts in Washington Dental will help you to apply for the Care Credit.

Receive a Quick Treatment

Apart from their effectiveness, metal braces are considered the fastest way to achieve straighter teeth. The fact that you cannot remove, lose or forget them helps them work quickly. Often, most patients who prefer the traditional braces wear them for between one and three years. Since they deliver lifetime dental health, don’t hesitate to invest in them.

Nowadays, technological experts have developed a new device known as self-ligating braces. The new version doesn’t use rubber bands when attaching the wires to the brackets. Instead, each bracket contains a special clip that opens and closes the wire. Thus there is no elastic which drags the wire. Therefore, your teeth will move faster and freely.

Effective for Almost Every Person

Are you wondering whether you are the right candidate for metal braces? The answer is probably yes. The system benefits almost every person requiring orthodontic care. The system is good for both adults and children. The metal braces may tackle the most complicated problems as well as mild issues.

Maintain a Healthier Mouth

Metal braces may safeguard against injuries and chronic conditions. Note, straighter teeth are more hygienic since they are easily brushed, thus helping you to avoid tooth decay, bad breath, and gum diseases. Again, when you have straighter teeth, you will have minimal chances of obtaining harm when something hits your mouth. Misaligned teeth may come with problems like headaches, troubles when sleeping, and speech impediments. Straightening your teeth alleviates all the above problems.

Obtain a Mini Version

Recently, braces are coming in smaller sizes than in the past. It means you will not feel a lot of clumsy metal in your mouth. The braces also have aesthetic benefits as the brackets are less visible. If you need to maximize these benefits, you may opt for mini braces since they are smaller and more refined.

The Potential Risks of Using Metal Braces

Like any other dental procedure, metal braces also have potential complications. The following are the possible complications of using metal braces:

  • Allergic Reaction

The patient may experience an allergic reaction in rare cases due to the latex rubber used in the metals. So, if you or your family member is allergic to latex or nickel, you want to inform your orthodontist before starting the procedure. Then, the dental expert may prefer alternative metals or latex-free elastics.

  • Soft Tissue Injuries

When wearing the metal braces, your lip, gum, and inner cheeks may feel sore when they come into contact with metal wires or brackets. Also, you may develop canker sores when the sensitive internal mouth tissues rub the metal component on the braces. If that’s the case, your orthodontist may recommend proper treatment to reduce the irritation and pain and help heal the sensitive spots.

The Cost of Braces

Several healthcare and dental insurances cover braces for dependent children. The costs vary depending on the cost of services your orthodontist needs. Typically, braces for children start from approximately $5,000 when you pay out of your pocket. The American Academy of Orthodontists outlines these prices. Alternatively, the costs vary when it comes to treating an adult. Adult braces and tray treatments like Invisalign are covered by insurance. The costs for the adult braces range from $5,000 and $7,000. To make the payment cheap, most orthodontists offer payment plans to their patients.

How Braces Work for Children Compared to Adults

You may wonder to learn that you are not late to have the braces fixed on your teeth. But, dental experts recommend the treatment at an early age. This is because a child’s jaw and other tissues are still growing. During this phase, the jaw is more flexible. So, again, the teeth are more responsive to movement at this stage. Then the treatment will not take long when your teeth are quickly responding to the braces. Alternatively, if your jaws and teeth stop growing, adjustments to your braces won’t respond well.

Generally, an adult will undergo a similar process to a child when undergoing the treatment. Apart from the treatment duration, the orthodontist will investigate other things for the adult undergoing braces. If you are pregnant and want to undergo the treatment, ensure you talk to your OB-GYN to know how the metal braces affect your pregnancy. Also, you want to speak with your main doctor when you have underlying health problems.

How to Maintain Braces

After undergoing the treatment, your orthodontist will require you to avoid certain foods which may be trapped between your gum line and braces. The foods are:

  • Popcorn
  • Hard candy
  • Chewing gum

When you wear the braces, your teeth are more likely to trap foods that may cause tooth decay later. Consider the way you take starchy foods and sugary beverages which may eat your enamel. Again you will have to visit your orthodontist between eight to ten weeks after the treatment. The expert will investigate your braces to ensure you are taking care of the braces. He/she may change the O-rings if necessary.

How to Clean Your Teeth When You Have Braces

When you have the metal braces, you must be extra mindful. Brushing your teeth after every meal will ensure no food lodged between your teeth and braces. A special floss from your orthodontist will ensure you floss the area around the braces well. You may use a special device referred to as an interdental toothbrush to clean around and underneath brackets and archwires. As you have the metal braces, you want to schedule an appointment with your dentist to clean after every six months.

Find an Orthodontist Near Me

If you are experiencing discomfort, lack of confidence, and frustration due to a misaligned and crooked tooth, then metal braces might be the treatment solution you need. Before having metal braces fitted, you must discuss with your dentist to know how the braces will be fitted on your teeth.

Both traditional and modern metal braces have shown a great result to numerous patients. If you are seeking help in Lomita, Washington Dental is here to help you. Our team comprises experienced orthodontists ready to work with you right away. Don’t hesitate to call us today at 310-326-5183, and we will schedule a free consultation and discuss your condition.